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First off, nice nods to Twisted Toyfare Theater Proto with the "Jango's head falling out of his helmet" reference and the "slaughtering women and children is hot reference".

I actually saw Episode II twice on opening night, once as a free preview showing. Then again at midnight as I had already bought tickets to that showing. We all went to Buffalo Wild Wings before the movie and several beers later I got pretty shitfaced. To make a long story short, the first two times I watched it I thought it didn't make sense because I was too drunk to get the broken plot. I went a third time sober with my brother and it turned out it had nothing to do with my inebriation level as it did with the lazy writing and directing. Live and learn I guess.

EDIT: By the way, was anyone else confused by the whole 'younglings' scene? Why do they need helmets in a digital library/classroom? Also, why do they all have their lightsabers in hand as though they anticipate a fight?
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