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Originally Posted by Protoclown View Post
Copper, thank you for identifying Emma Frost for Roger, because it was bothering the shit out of me that he didn't know that. haha

Also, RoG, the chick with the green hair in that one G.I.JOE pic is Zartan's daughter. She's in the comics only. So don't worry, it wasn't a really bad Baroness or anything.

My favorite pic this year is definitely the Stormtrooper and the little kid Spider-Man. That fucking rules.

I really hope I can make it out there for next year's con.
*salutes* Always happy to oblige, sir.

And thanks for clearing up about Zartan's daughter. I was afraid, myself, that it was a poor Baroness cosplay, and then it was "Wait, Zartan had a daughter?!" (I know he had siblings, but a kid?) Thanks.

Second on the favorite photo and second on the "hope to be there next year" but unfortunately, I shall have to likely have to continue living vicariously through Rog's photo galleries.
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