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My Thoughts:

Home Improvement: I actually kind of liked this one. I enjoy the obvious "male stupidity" because it reminds me a bit of myself.

Friends: Again, I liked this one. Two reasons: Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston = hot; Joey and Chandler = Male Stupidity. See above.

Simpsons: I could go off on this for days. Jumped the shark LOOOOONG ago. And don't all you fan-boys get your panties in a wad over it, because it's the truth. Those of us who grew up with the "REAL" Simpsons know what were talking about. Amen Proto!

Family Matters: Urkel was quite possibly the first sitcom character I ever wanted to kill.

Full House: So bad for so long. Stamos... ugh.

Cavemen: Thankfully canceled before I had a chance to sit down in a pool of gasoline with a lighter...

Two and 1/2 Men: I find this one mildly entertaining. I haven't seen it enough to hate it I suppose.

American Idol: ...A-W-F-U-L...

Everybody Loves Raymond: Again, mildly entertaining. Probably due to the "Male stupidity factor" again.

Heroes: Another "fan-boy" show I don't get. I tried desperately to see what all the hoopla was about this show and can't understand it. It's a slightly more serious version of Greatest American Hero for the most part.
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