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I've had the good fortune of only seeing good TV shows, I seem to have a sharp douchebag detector that can sense even the smallest trace amounts of douchebagginess from one glance at a promo photo. Thats why I've not seen a single episode of Heroes or any of those other shows made past 1993, and only get exposed to the goods, usually on DVD at someone elses place (like The Prisoner, South Park etc). I am refusing to watch Dexter simply because the of alarming amount of douchebags I hear talking about it. "dude that show is so sick, its like, he's a serial killer" "i love that show dexter, he kills people" "my WU-IFE loooves Dexter, its about a serial killer but he only KILLS BAD PEOPLE!" "well I like Dexter, he cuts people up and kills them!"
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