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I actually own the original crossover. Bought it as a kid (I *loved* Spider-Man and hey, sword-weilding female character = COOL to a 7 year old girl...) Although it's been a while since I read it, about the only things I remember are

1. The villain is the same, with something of the same MO (takes over NYC and turns it into a live-action Everquest)

2. I *think* MJ might have been transformed into Red Sonja in that one, too, but I'd have to check.

3. Most of the other heroes were either made thralls of the bigbad or were fighting against him (I think he took out Dr. Strange first out, so he wouldn't have to deal with him.) Also...note how JJJ looks like Dr. Strange in that panel. I thought that's who it was until I read Proto's commentary.

If I'm really ambitious one of these days, I'll hunt the thing out of my longboxes and really take a look at it, but for now, it's late and I'm just going with memories. I think, though, the older one was better. I mean, it didn't take six books after all *Zing!*
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