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I agree with dakotacruz on Hester, as he seems about as scary as an Ewok. The octopus behind him makes me think that he is either a Pokemon trainer or resorts to some very odd magic. How intimidating would it be to have an Octopus coming at you, especially one that looks as lame as the purple one in the picture.

As for the rest; Azathoth looks like it is playing a concert (in a non-color world) attended by a lot of the townsfolk. Cthulhu is playing with his toy sailboat (who new he was such a softy?). Ithaqua seems to be the coolest of the bunch with glowing eyes and severed head. The wendigo is supposedly supposed to drive people insane and make them cannibals, so he does not seem like much of a people person. Nyarlathotep looks like he got the raw deal when it came to him. Not having an eyes and mouth can make anyone a little cranky. Even in the picture, it looks like he is getting bitched by the trees. Olí Shub may want to join Yog-Soruth and Yig (who looks like a bad Jurassic park reference) and start a rock and roll band. Shub already has the groupies, so music talent is not much of a necessity. Just donít put Yig on vocals as his lisp may get in the way.
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