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CarpetGnome, that's what eBay is for. Just because you didn't grow up when those toys were all the rage, doesn't mean you can't still track them down and enjoy 'em.

JakeOfAllTrades, hehe thanks, I'll try to do more video reviews when I have the chance.

darkvare, unless mangos are made of highly volatile chemicals that can melt your soul... no, I don't think so.

Icculus, be careful what you say about the Mang-Wizards and Mang-Magicians. They may toil for years to come about how to Mang-Murder you for laughing at them. Man, you really can put "Mang-" in front of just about any word to make it better, can't you?

stonewar, was there really? I've seen a ton of old commercial collections and have never seen a commercial for that playset, nor do I remember ever seeing one for it when I was a kid. The only Manglors commercial I've seen is the one I included at the end of my video there. If you ever manage to find it it, let me know.

Angryhydralisk, if only that were true. The sad reality is that it would just be a fairly rigid clump of MANG-LAVA in a pool of Nickelodeon Slime. Sorry my friend, but the two are like oil 'n water.

Doctor_Who, thanks, but the only reason my voice only sounds like that is because I now gargle with MANG-LAVA on a daily basis.
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