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Thanks to eBay the 80s never dies, but the owners of said 80s trend toys will eventually die. Which means their kids will be playing with this stuff and not us if we want to buy it.

Another toy that I WAS born in the right time to enjoy was Monster in my Pocket, not Pocket Monsters which came after that, which you might like to do a piece on. There were also these really cool angry insect toys which my mother hated that you could get back in the 90s.

And please one day do an article on Mighty Max toys, I remember owning at least ten sets of those, including a Zombie themed set which was in the shape of a zombified hand, and this awesome Mighty Mountain set which was my generation's Manglor Mountain of a sort, only this one stood the test of time, as my Mighty Mountain is in storage with my other old toys.
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