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This was basically a reprint of the old House of Mystery series that came out in the 1980s (the reprint, not the original series) with Elvira put in as the Mistress of the House. There was a subplot to the whole thing, where she was supposed to find Caine, the original resident (his brother, Abel, had lived in the House of Secrets... I have an old HoS comic with him in it).

I actually have this comic somewhere. I believe the guy getting branded was actually the Arab on the previous page, but it's been a long time since I last saw it. Basically, all of the people had wronged others in their lives (the rat person, I think, had been a slumlord or something that kept substandard housing, so he was getting what had happened to his tenants). The woman at the end had died too early, I think, so she was sent back. And yes, there was at least one or two other pages that showed all of the tormented getting off on different floors.

As for Jack Chick comics, they'd be funny, but might call down the wrath of Chick on you (or, at least, Chick's lawyers).
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