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Hey, wanna visit a really spooky town and have some money handy?

Then here in Mexico we have Real de Catorce. When Mexico was still a Spanish possession (1521-1821) silver mining was one of the most lucrative enterprises Spaniards had. So, in what is now the state of San Luis Potosí (named after the mining town of Potosí in Bolivia) many mines were created and towns were built near those mines. Real de Catorce was one of those towns. It was created in the 18th century and was functional until 1910, when the Mexican Revolution that started that year closed it down for good.

Now the town is a semi-vacant town, with many colonial buildings clashing with Art-Nuveau and a few modern ones, while it is still surrounded by mines -whose output is no where near Real de Catorce's one during it's hayday- but there is something eerie about the town. I don't know how or why, but when you're in it, you feel as if your energy is being drained. You go to wake up feeling more tired than the day before. Many of the residents are natives, so they have their own customs and traditions, so that just adds up to the weirdness of the town.

Besides, as most colonial towns in Mexico, it has a big cemetery with a colonial barroque chappel. Those thing are scary enough whith their paintings and statues of saints with cold, dead looking eyes. And in this cases, always, ALWAYS, they have a real sized figure of Christ after being lowered from the cross. This "statue" is made of a material native to the region -in another state they had one made of corn paste- and has a spooky story --the corn one keeps growing and growing since it was created, it's almost 400 years old and it still grows.

Man, I just scared myself by recounting all this items. But if you want to experience them from first hand, Come to Mexico! The place of weird ghost towns and zombie Jesus statues!

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