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GreyWeirdo: You're right, I didn't even realize! It's been about eight or nine years since I've read Dark Knight Returns so I'd totally forgotten that! Good catch!

Darkvare: Yes, the art is indeed by Jim Lee.

Doctor_Who: You bring up a very good point. I've seen lots of reviewers giving this series a free pass, primarily because of that. Sad thing is that I've heard it's DC's best selling title for the past couple years (I have not verified this). Of course, I have to admit that I myself have enjoyed it immensely, because it's just so fucking insane.

Primortal: Sadly, if All Star Batman is making the kind of money I indicated up above, I'm afraid DC will continue letting Miller piss all over their characters. At least if my childhood heroes are going to be perverted though, we can try to have a sense of humor about it...of course, it's not hard to find the humor here.

Godzilla: Good catch. I haven't read Year One in a long time, so I never would have remembered that. That's surely who it is since Miller wrote both of those stories.

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed this piece.
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