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This game is awesome. I remember playing it the frist time when it came in a CD full of demos for PC and this was one of my favorite ones. I was able to play the full version sometime later, and I was definitely surprised by how difficult it proved to be. The mere fact that punching and kicking solid objects drained your health made it more realistic, albeit harder, and those iced-tea bottles were pretty rare. The question mark items were not your standard "same surprise every time", as they changed with every play, making its take a real lucky guess. Hell you could be blasted to bits gambling with those things.

I also liked the humour of the game. The way Sketch interacts with most enemies while fighting them is unique and I never get tired of listening how the Strigils say "Gimmie the respect I deserve!".

Oh and I find level 2 (Welcome to the Temple) the best one in the game. Great graphics and sound.
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