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Back in high school. My School put on a production of "A Christmas Story". I ended up playing Scut Farkas for 3 of the five shows. During one performance we put on for some kids coming in from a few neighbouring elementary schools, we got to that whole Ralphie beats Scut scene. Well, during that part, the script called for me to give him a facewash (using some snow from a recent snowfall that happened around that time). Well, the dude who handed me the snowball had packed it way too tight, almost an iceball but not quite. So i ended up busting his nose open (Blood on the stage, his costume, some unfortunate children sitting up front). I guess most of the kids thought that it was part of the show because we got some claps and cheers as he stood there, looking pissed off with blood running down his face. So we finish the scene, and i go backstage. And i notice the stage manager panicking over the spilt blood and the poor guy playing Ralphie not realizing that he had been bleeding for the past minute and a half.

Good times, Good times.
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