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Hey, how about the mayor from "The Year Without a Santa Claus"? How that man can honestly be in charge of a town is beyond me!

Or nearly every character in "Rudolph's Shiny New Year"--what sick 'tard has the nerve to laugh at a baby?!?? I mean, sure, his ears are the size of the Hubble telescope, but would you want someone laughing at YOUR deformities?!?? Huh?!?? Would'ja?!??!?? If you ask me, Rudolph shouldn't've gone rescuing Happy--let those jerks stay stuck in 1976!!!!!!

Heck, even the prosecutor (or maybe he was one of the cops; forgot his name, anyway) from "Santa Jr." Not only does he try to have Santa's son imprisoned, but he has the nerve to act like a stereotypical middle school shy kid when on a date with that lawyer woman (forgot her name too)! I mean, really--he was just so cheesy with that date. It's laughable, but not intentional comedy.
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