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Sadly, I did not grow up in the NES generation (although I may have played my sister's NES as a child--my family never got a SNES, though, we skipped that and went straight to the N64 :-[). I wish I had, especially due to how much novelty (such a R.O.B.) and obsession there was with video games. I would love to have been an eighties kid, swept up in the revolution that is an obsession with an eight-bit console. Then again, I say the same thing about the sixties sometimes...

I love R.O.B. Never had one or seen one in person (or plastic), but ever since I'd heard about it I've always wanted one. Nevermind the fact that they're extremely rare, obselete, have only two games they can be used on, and sell for about $100+ these days, I still want one!!

And Mental Pooperscooper, I totally agree with you on that...except animal rights groups would probably lobby against it due to "animal cruelty" (they already managed to massacre the U.S. version of Ice Climbers due to it's apparent "promotion of seal clubbing"). One could make the arguement, however, that the dog is guilty of child abuse and causing emotional distress to thousands (maybe even millions) of Nintendo-obsessed, duck-shooting children ^_^
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