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Originally Posted by Protoclown View Post
Haha, nice video. What a piece of shit toy!

What was that music you were listening to? It didn't sound like your kind of thing, so that struck me kind of weird.
It's something I inserted into the video actually... "Deepest Bluest (Shark's Fin)" by LL Cool J from the mega-cheesy shark movie, Deep Blue Sea. It's one of my all-time favorite rap songs because the lyrics are so hilariously bad it kills me every time I hear them.
Manmade terror
Hungry jaws of death
Y'all don't cross my depths
I'll pause your breaths
I cause you to sink down forty thousand leagues
Bleeding to death with no arms and short sleeves
My world's deep blue
Killers gotta eat too
Looking for human flesh to rip my teeth through
Other fish in the sea but Barracudas ain't equal
To a half human predator created by a needle
Jet black eyes baby they stare while you sleep
When your Titanic sinks I'm the one you gon' meet
Hearing terrified screams they surround my team
All you see is trails of blood
Even God won't intervene
Nightmares of darkness
My appetite is heartless
Even if we related, you eliminated regardless
In the deep blue, underwater walls
Half man, half shark
My jaws don't fall
Deepest... Bluest... my hat is like a shark's fin!
And that, my friend, is why the music was included in the shark jump video.
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