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I didn't like it. The randomly switching continuities thing was gimmicky and lessened the impact of the story. Catwoman's story was random, and silly, and Alfred's was like a random one-off Elseworld's version of "What If Batman had Asthma?" condensed into just a few pages. It was confusing, awkward and reminded me of why I don't like Neil Gaiman's crap, it's the typical overhyped emo stuff that goes for style over substance.

I blame his hair for My Chemical Romance.

I guess I am partly to blame for my disappointment, i thought this would be about various people going to his funeral and recalling one of those nice Probably Happened moments, like a random fight or a particular fight that had no longterm repercussions, then imaging how they brought about his downfall in some loosely associated way.

Instead I got meta emos flitting about. This would of been better if Frank Miller had written it, least then Batman would of flown out of the coffin and chopped Alfred in half while shouting "NOBODY TOUCHES FREDO!" and while the Green Lantern suffers from erectile disfunction halfway across the country.
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