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Great list; a few notes:

-I saw Rambo with my friend and Midnight Meat Train was one of the trailers. I whispered to him, "Wait 'til you see the title of this movie." When the title popped up, everyone in the almost sold out theater laughed.

-Gran Torino? Gran Torino wasn't brutal at all. The trailer made it appear that way, but it sure wasn't.

-Good call on Best Sequel and Biggest Disappointment.

-That Beer for My Horses movie comes on CMT like every day. Obviously I don't watch CMT, but i see it on the guide so often it's sick.

-Midnight Meat Train was pretty good, but I'm biased as I really like Ryuhei Kitamura. I caught it on FEARnet (or whatever) as we didn't even get it here, and we get almost everything.
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