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Well, I'm a-goin' to risk me some serious flaming here, and say I like Dark Avengers. At least, I intend to follow it for a while. Yeah, it's been done before, but not well, IMO. So far, it's been going the way Thunderbolts should have gone, before that title got so bogged down. (Although the recent 'Bolts revamp shows promise - I much prefer Black Widow II over I).

I always felt the Sentry was an unhelpful jerk; laziest plot device evar. "I'm so depressed! Somebody cheer me up!". He's a super-emo in bright yellow. To be fair, the five-part "Age of the Sentry" mini was a hoot if you're a Sliver Age fan - it even had the Blonde Phantom. But I'm in aggreement with all that captain bringdown in the yellow spandex has to go.

So I've SORT OF taken to Dark Reign; it's a good time to be a villain in the MU. That is, if one can work out what the hell one is doing. As Mr Burbank observed recently, continuity has gone out the window in many titles. Example : "Modok's 11" has me running a casino in Reno; "Omega Flight" has me causing grief in Canada; and "New Avengers" has not only got me running around with that cheap punk, the Hood, but I'm also depicted waving a gun. A GUN? That is so insulting. The Purpster has never used a gun EVER. Whew, sorry, just had to vent.
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