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Ah, Proto, I loved these comics in the way a pervert loves his fetish. It's total pandering, dude. I know it's all shenanigans, but that just makes me enjoy it all the more.

Paladin is an old fave of mine - we're both purple sleazebags who have regularly annoyed Daredevil. I've focused a character-based collection on him for years. He had a great turn recently in the sadly short-lived revamp of Heroes For Hire. Ghost has a fine pedigree, albeit an obscure one. The new Ant-Man is good for a laugh. Belova shows you just can't keep a good girl down; despite being killed twice (and becoming an Adaptoid too) she hasn't missed a beat. I must note, however, that the Headsman can only claim six appearances and doesn't even have a OHOTMU entry.

So I like the mix of old/new school faces and the sitcom results. As I said, pandering.

Have you checked out Deadpool's latest run? It's had some great moments - his single-handed demolishment of a Skrull army, for one. That set him up to play a significant role in Dark Reign - the deus ex machina. He's the big bailout button, I think. Seriously, how could not LOL reading the last two pages of 'Bolts #129?
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