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Ugh... the plague of Norman Osbourne must be stopped! I'm not talking about the nefarious deeds of the character himself, I'm talking about the shitty writing that follows in his wake. I've been following thor v 3 since the beginning and I've found it very enjoyable, mainly because it never gets into the horrible stuff that is happening in the MU. Well I recently read the anniversary issue and the bad writing really hit the fan on this one.

At risk of spoiling the issue Thor is in new york in a battle with his Granddad (yeah I know, just follow with me here) and he's getting his ass handed to him, even though thor now has odin's powers. Thor is desperate and he says "I didn't want to involve them but I have no choice" to which I think "Is he going to call the other gods or what?" only to have him scream "Avengers Assemble!" Just as the thought "they can't possibly hear that much less come..." the dark avengers show up on the next frikkin panel! Say what you want about Normie's crew but apparently they sit around in full costume 24/7 waiting for some idiot to yell for them and then magically appear in a split second. That's quicker than the pizza dude!

Now as insaine and badly written as that is it gets worse as apparently thor didn't have a clue about the dark avengers even though they HAD A FRIKKIN WOLRDWIDE TV PRESS CONFERENCE! I know the guys been busy but damn! Oh but wait it gets stupider... even though he didn't know about them, he instantly realizes they are false avengers, even though all of the members are in masks and have a pretty reasonable resembalance to the real people they are trying to portray! The logical response would have been "hey stark what's with the paint job?" But no, at first glance thor rants on about how much of an insult it is, ect... ect.. Beats the crap out of all of them and throws them away (literally). And then he single handedly kills the guy that was giving him all the trouble to begin with. Even if it was the real avengers, what exactly were they supposed to do anyway?

And then it started me thinking about how gramps should have really had the odin power all along seeing as how he didn't really die and the whole plot, which had been pretty cleverly laid-out over the last few issues fell apart for me.

So even a brief cameo by the green goblin can ruin an otherwise decent series. Something must be done before he starts interacting with other decent books and the whole marvel universe implodes!
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