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Wolverine's famous for his giant arm tattoos. Thor knows these people, despite the fact that the artists typically don't do much to make one incredibly well-endowed woman stand apart from the next, there would be distinct differences between one such woman in a costume, and another in the exact same costume, and if nothing else, Spider-Man isn't typically made out of grape jelly.

I haven't left my house since the late 90's, all I do with my days is play on the internet and watch television, and I didn't know about 9/11 until nine days later, when I saw an advert with the then-cast of ER talking about it. It actually isn't that implausible that an otherworldly superhero could miss a little bit of news. Now, I haven't read the issue, and won't, because I don't like Thor at all, but isn't it just a little bit possible that he used mystical mumbo jumbo to communicate his distress?

From everything I've seen, the Dark Avengers are based in Manhattan, it wouldn't exactly be a long trip for people with access to S.H.I.E.L.D technology.
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