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You'd have to read it. They didn't arrive quickly, they arrived INSTANTLY. And you've gotta understand, thor didn't call them and then they all stood around and had a nice chat, they were in the middle of battle and thor never looks directly at any of them. There isn't a moment of pause before he starts chewing them out either, he starts immediately! You've gotta remember something here, Thor isn't exactly smart, he's pretty dense. Also remember that spiderman is currently wearing his black costume and norman gave him some magic pill that makes him actually LOOK like spiderman. I'm not saying that if they had all been standing around and they slowly walked up to him he wouldn't have instantly noticed, but under the circumstances, it's farily crazy.

I don't mean to be insulting at all, but if you live in america I find it pretty impossible that it took you 9 days to learn about 9/ll considering they had 24/7 news coverage on all the major networks for at least the first week or so.

In this pretend instance, thor had been in his human form and hanging around new york for a while so it would have been pretty impossible him not to have heard.

Regardless, my point wasn't that all the things could have happened that way if you really streatched your imagination, but that prior to osbourne showing up you didn't have to because the book was pretty well written, he makes one cameo and now things are all wonkey. Thankfully thor has other issues atm so there probably won't be any cross-over for a while.
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