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Sac from wedding crashers, love the comparison owen wilson makes between him and ike turner. lol

Doyle Hagraves from sling blade, this dude pulls no punches in the asshole department, he calls carl a retard, calls frank a sissy, calls frank's dead dad a sissy, beats on franks mom, kicks the shit out of his own band mates, and one of them is handicapped, how's that for assholenish.

Percy from the green mile, one sadistic prison guard who gets himself off on the tourture of the pisoners, as Tom Hanks said, its not enough for you to watch them die you gotta be close enough to smell their nuts cook.

Deebo from friday, memorable moment was him nailing red and stealing his bike, That's my bike punk!!!

Shooter Mcgavin from happy gilmore, talk about asshole, he plots to humilate happy gilmore, take his woman, make happy's mom's room into a trophy room and win that golden jacket.
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