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I'm still waiting for the ultimate crossover: a Bendis/Miller colaboration in which Norman Osborn is the president, Joker is the secretary of defense, and the God-Damned Batman is the new Osama Bin Laden. Wolverine and Spiderman will be there, of course, but not as actual parts of the story. They'll just show up every third or fourth panel to remind everyone that they're contractually obligated to be in ALL comics that have any connection to Bendis. Oh, and also Captain America and Hawkeye both dress up as Ronin (at the same time), but near the end of the issue the real Ronin (Aunt May) shows up and tells Dumb and Dumber to dress up like someone else. The final page is a giant shot of Frank Miller being beaten with a hammer while Brian Michael Bendis hangs himself in the background. It would also come with a signed apology and suicide note from both authors.
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