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Good list of Marvel and DC titles. I'm not usually a "big two" reader, but I might check a few of these out.

The only superhero comic I buy regularly is Batman/Superman. And, it's usually pretty good. I'd say it's worth checking out.

I'd also like to mention that "Heavy Metal Magazine" is always a great read.

And, to anyone with kids (or who doesn't mind reading a kid's story if it's good, and really well written), I'd like to add "Amelia Rules" to the list. It's kind of an updated "Peanuts".

Also, to add a few Manga to the list...

Ice Blade- Gritty crime drama at it's finest.

Tramps Like Us- A romantic comedy smarter than any movie of the genre. It's about a stressed out career woman who keeps a mischievous younger man as a pet. It's not as sick as it sounds.

Nana- Very fun. It's two roommates with the same name dealing with their hectic lives.

Doll- A series of very haunting short stories about androids. Plus, the artwork is incredible!

A couple Man-wha (Korean comics), I recommend.

Soul To Seoul- My favourite comic (of any nationality or genre) out right now. Hands down! It's basically about Korean American teenagers trying to find their place in a bustling New York City.

Tarot Café- Gorgeous artwork and creepy stories, centered around Tarot predictions.

Out of American graphic novel series published as Manga, I recommend...

Bizenghast- This series is AMAZING! It's about a young girl named Dinah who spends her nights getting ghosts to cross over in various surreal dream-worlds.

I Luv Halloween- Dark, sick, gory humor! It's about a group of sociopathic trick-or-treaters that do horrific things to obtain candy. Most of the characters are usually dead by the end of each volume (and back the next). I love it!
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