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Aries: It's coming soon. Within the next month or two for sure.

Poxpower: You have NO idea, dude. Roger is right. I could own my own island by now. But what would I have to READ on the island without comics??

Tetsu Deinonychus: I was reading Superman/Batman for a while (probably the first 30 issues) but I lost interest in it sometime after that and dropped it. Too many crappy stories in a row.

KanyonKreist: Go back and give Iron Fist another chance. Seriously. The book hasn't lost ANY momentum at all since Brubaker and Fraction left.

Relaxing Dragon: Yep, the last issue of 100 Bullets came out the same day this article posted. Great book. Not quite sure about the ending though.

hisholiness: I have to admit that I've not yet checked out The Walking Dead. I read a shitload of comics but that is one I've not checked out yet. I've heard lots of good things though.

MallardMan: Booster Gold almost made my list, but I think it'd be pretty inaccessible to someone unfamiliar with the DC Universe. And I had to draw a line somewhere. I read the current Jonah Hex book for about the first 20 issues or so, but I had to drop it because I was spending too much money. Might start trade collecting that one though.

Nick and Icculus: Believe me, I hear ya. I'm starting to trade wait for some books (like Conan) now myself. I like to support the industry as much as I can though, so I buy a lot of issues monthly and then I sell them on eBay later and then swap out for the trades. Some books I sell over what I paid, some under, but on the whole I think I break fairly even.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I hope you check out some of those books and that you aren't disappointed!
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