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Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
I've heard good things about Les Bijoux. I'll definitely have to check it out.

And, I Luv Halloween is so wrong it's right!

Actually, the stories range from awesome (like John Buscamares, and Awakenings) to awesomely bad (like The Kiss), but I'm usually pretty amused by them. And, there's almost always one really good story, and at least one "so bad it's good" story per issue. I dig it!

Of course, all the sexy sci-fi-girl paintings you mentioned don't hurt, either.
It's a good story, but too short, in my opinion. It's five issues long (or 6. Man, the memory *is* the first thing to go...) but they skip a lot between the next to last book and the last. Not so much skip forward, I guess you could say, and I get the impression it's the type of stories I'd have liked to read. (I enjoy the whole "gathering of the fellowship" type of thing and discovery of powers type stories.)

As for Heavy Metal, gods, I haven't leafed through one of those seriously since I was in college. Now and then, I'll flip through them to check out the art, but lately nothing past the covers has really grabbed me.
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