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RIGHT ON! Marvel has always had some bad writers, but nobody has been as destructive as Bendis. God he sucks so bad. I recall back in 2006, visiting a comic store, and being totally shocked that anyone could view the New Avengers as anything but an unmitigated disaster. At that point I didn't really know who Bendis was (mercifully)and didn't understand why his fans worshiped him. This was a few months after after Hawkeye died.

Being the open-minded guy I am, I asked the owner of the store to explain bendis' appeal to me. I swear to God, the guy said Bendis was the greatest characterization writer in comics. Since there was no characterization in New Avengers, I asked him to give me an example. "Hawkeye," the owner explained. "I loved how Bendis made Hawkeye so brash." I just stared at him.

Hawkeye had been dead virtually the whole run.

It was a surreal moment.
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