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Originally Posted by FistfulOAwesome View Post
Muramasa- I really appreciate what Vanillaware is trying to do. Their sprites are so absolutely stunning it makes you wish 3D had never been invented. Their stories have a fanciful style to them that makes you wish for the days when every game didn't need to be "Dark and Gritty" (can't anything be gritty without being dark and vise-versa).
Actually, Odin Sphere had a very dark storyline, but you had to make some decent headway into the game to see it unfold that way.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow- MOTHER-FREAKING PATRICK STEWART!! How the hell did they get him for this!? More than anything else that is a good sign that this game will be good.
I wouldn't go that far. He did do a voice in Oblivion, after all.

On a more serious note, I do like the games focus on blatant Gothic tones. That's been missing from the series since SOTN and it's nice to see it represented again.
They actually have had a lot of gothic tones in the games since then. Not all of them, but even the newer 3D ones have had their fair share of gothic architecture and such.

The whip doesn't get used enough on the series. Except for Order of Eccleasia, I've never loved a Castlevania game that doesn't have the whip. I see it as what separates Castlevania from other games.
Well, nearly every game since SotN has included a playable character wielding the whip, if not the main character than an unlockable one.

Kojima is a great producer so I want to give him a chance. It's certainly better than allowing IGA to make another boring clone of SOTN.

P.S. IGA is so overrated. That guy is great at making these nice little experiences. At making actual games is where he fails. OOE is the only good game he directed (even SOTN isn't that good) because he put some balls in it.
I would say they're both on roughly equal ground, as far as being producers. They both have found what their fans want and have been making games aimed at them since (IGA = MetroidVania games, Kojima = stealth games with an inordinate amount of talking), and they've both had their ill-advised departures from the norm (IGA = the N64 games and Judgement, Kojima = Metal Gear Acid and putting some whiny effeminate guy in MGS2). I just hope Kojima doesn't try to shoehorn his particular kind of storytelling into the Castlevania games. Because I like to play games, not watch them.

Also, you have that backwards: SotN is the only game IGA directed. The ones since he's just produced. And SotN is great. It's in the Alphabet of Manliness, for crying out loud.
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