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Originally Posted by FistfulOAwesome View Post
Dr. Boogie: I don't know how to quote so I'll quickly reference.
Man, you hit the "quote" button. Geez.

Also, to do it manually, just put "quote" in brackets without the quotation marks before a section you want to quote, and "/quote" at the end to put the whole thing in one box.

Anyway, it sounds like you just prefer the old school Castlevania games to the new ones. I think there's definitely something to be had there; the new formula may have helped revitalize the series, but it was ultimately the original games that got people interested in the first place. I would much rather see IGA experimenting with new titles built in the style of SCIV rather than his most recent efforts. He did that a little with The Dracula X Chronicles, but there's definitely room for improvement in the field of whip control.

Also, you talked about the Dracula's Castle section of OoE being "practically no exploring" and having a more level-based feel to it. That particular area was almost identical in execution as the castle in SotN: a semi-linear path with some opportunities for exploration, limited by what abilities/glyphs the player has.

Furthermore, I'd go as far as to say that the same is true of Super Metroid: there's some exploration, but only until you get to a grappling point, or a room that's too hot, or an underwater area, or the like. At the end of the day, you still had the tackle the bosses in a set order to get what you needed to go where you needed to go. And as you said, that same sort of formula can be seen in Demon's Crest, albeit broken up into actual stages with a world map serving as a hub.

Personally, I feel the exact opposite about the two series. I loved SotN, and I really enjoyed Super Metroid, but that series just didn't do it for me the same way Castlevania did using the same gameplay formula. If I had to pick one element that made that decision for me, apart from Castlevania nostalgia, it would be that the exploration of different areas in the Metroid games never seemed to lead to any really remarkable discoveries.

In SotN, you could break open a niche in a wall and find some food, or you might find a cool new weapon/armor that does something really unique, like summon a group of soldiers to defend you or create money out of thin air. Heck, you might even discover a whole new area that holds a heretofore unseen powerup that lets you take the story in another direction. It was that variety of stuff that made it so interesting.

In the Metroid games, on the other hand, you could fire at walls and such to find hidden powerups, but they would be either energy tanks or powerups that increase your special weapon capacity. You did get new weapons as the game progressed, but there wasn't really any opportunity for customization, i.e. killing a metroid always requires a freeze ray and missiles.

In any case, a sequel to Demon's Crest is long overdue. At this point, Capcom could even do what they did with Bionic Commando, and have a remake of the game followed by a 3D sequel. I know I'd buy it.
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