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I actually really enjoyed this one (or at least, mostly enjoyed it), mainly because I'm more OK with the faults so many bring up. I think a new, more-human look at Jason is a good thing. We've had a dozen or so movies about him already, most of them (the good ones, at least) with him as some supernatural zombie. Showing him back when he was a sort of crazed woodsmen defending his territory, getting pissed when people invade his area, and retaining some skills from when he was a kid (he's been a pretty good shot in the other movies as well, though usually he's just throing things), that's all good stuff in my opinion.

I do admit the kills could've been more creative (and in several instances, more painful. Honestly, the Prick seemed to get off light), but at least the ones that are there are solid and grisly. Axe shoved through someone's back may not be the most memorable method dispatch around, but it's still an axe shoved through someone's back. Got some guts to it.

One thing that really bothered me, though, was something I should probably spoiler (in length):


Apart from that thing (annoying as it was, that's at least a whole point off the overall movie), I liked it. I rank it somewhere towards the upper-middle of the series overall, and can't wait for the next one (really hope they bring Derek Mears back, he was an excellent Jason. He can stand proud next to C.J. Graham and Kane Hodder in my book)
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