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I'm still trying to figure out why they do remakes of horror movies with a million sequels. Wouldn't it just make more sense to do yet another sequel? I mean horror movies aren't exactly known for their continuity anyway and this way we can skip the boring origin film and get right to the good stuff. And if you say that it can't be done or that it doesn't allow for enough creative freedom I'll promptly direct you to the two "chucky" films. They have virtually nothing to do with the first three childs play films, contain totally re-designed creatures and a new plot and yet they are still merely sequels. This allowed for a lot of freedom and yet kept the original plot and mythos intact, allowing it to be drawn upon in the future.

Sadly, I hear they are now going to throw Childs Play under the remake train. I suppose it could be worse, they could be re-making highly character driven films like nightmare on elm street in which the actor portraying the villian literally IS the villian and cannot be played by anyone else. ..... Oh wait.... :-(
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