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Usually I like to look at remakes as stand alone movies and judge accordingly (which by the way, isn't deluding enough to excuse the travesty that Rob Zombie dared to call Halloween), but Friday the 13th VI was the first horror movie I ever saw, and the series has been my favorite ever since, so I didn't cut this one the usual slack. Having said that, I actually enjoyed this one enough to support a sequel, mostly because it had an excellent Jason and managed to stay more true to the original psyche than any (recent) remake I know of. Truth be told, I wasn't really bothered by the lair or the prisoner, and he ran a bit early on so that was forgivable, all I had a problem with was the alert system. Granted while he's still alive it'd make sense to take further measure to preserve said state, but this is Jason, since when does he worry about this?
Oh, almost forgot, it should be noted that the first film wasn't messed with, it was really only noted at the beginning to give som background, THAT should be a company standard in remakes
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