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holy crap! i remember watching this when i was 8. amazing! the choreography is so great that (no joke) when i went to air force basic training, our training instructor was teaching us how to march and he used thriller as a reference on how to coordinate with your fellow dancers, or in our case, marchers. and if the military uses thriller as a reference, it shows how good mj was. this video and other right after it show that you can make a video to complement a good song, unlike today, where you have rappers making videos about bling bling and throwing cash and cars and hos around. in other words, it seems that videos are only for image purposes and the music has been relegated to a secondary role, which doesnt help the fact that today's music sucks ass. and yes, mtv sucks. even its sibling vh1, which i had in such high esteem, is just horrible. as for mj, his personal lifestyle might have been questionable, what with the pedophile accusations, the surgeries, hanging out with a chimp, and all, but there's no question, the man was a great performet. rip!!!
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