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Actually I didn't think Superman IV was THAT bad. I mean by Superman movies it definately was, but looking at some of the crap they release today (xmen 3, spiderman 3, the fantastic four films) it's pretty decent. The only issues I ever had with it were the stupid posion nails bit and the illogical way in which nuclear man was created.

Nuclear man I was AWESOME though. He should have been the main villian in the film. I can kinda see why they cut him though... it's kind of like Superman beating up the retarded kid at the local high school.... even if he wins he loses. But man, if they left that scene in their financial problems would have been over! I saw like 10 product placement shots in there.

And with that I'm strangely craving some Burger King... I think I'll pay for it with my American Express card.
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