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@captain516: Don't forget Star Wars! (And I mean I, not IV, since it was the fourth released.)

I think they should write a DC comic from one of the Multiverses where there's a Superman who only has access to all the lame powers that movies, TV shows, and old retconned comics think he has (but none of his big ones like Super Strength, Speed, Flight, etc.)

The ones I'm aware of that he would have.
- Big Cellophane S for slightly imbolizing enemies
- Ability to split into two of himself, with each one being half strength
- Rebuild structures with eye lasers
- Mind erasing kisses
- Change the shape of his face

If anyone has any forgotten powers they want to add feel free (I tried to go with not only forgotten but also pretty lame), but I think someone needs to get on writing this series, it'd be interesting seeing how he takes on oh... Darkseid with that power set. Best odds, I think, is to split in two, have one change his face to one of Darkseids minions and have that one 'capture' Superman, then when Darkseid is distracted throw the cellophane S to stun him so he could run up and kiss him into forgetting what he was doing.
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