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I haven't seen it, and like pickleman I don't intend to see it until it comes out for free. The problem I have with it and pretty much every other movie remake is that they changed ANYTHING. Why do they change anything at all? Is it too much to ask to make it IDENTICAL to the cartoon, the comic book or a combination of both? I mean the original obviously made a butt-load of money so why fix something that isn't broken?

The best adaption movie of all time is Mortal Kombat and there is a reason for that. They changed virtually NOTHING about the franchise. Characters looked identical, fighting was identical, plot was identical. And it did really well considering it's non-existant budget. So I'm sorry, but I refuse to compromise even an inch. I want the Joes in their ridiculous outfits, I want trouble bubbles, I want metal face shield, cobra-la, spat wearing cobra commander, and I want a plot that would fit right in with the already established gijoe universe.

And most importantly I want a WAYNES FREE experience. Putting him in there is the equivelent of putting Anthony Anderson in transformers... completely unnecessary and ultimately distracting from the feel of the movie.

Transformers is suffering from this syndrome as well. Take the original Bay movie, replace the cube with the matrix of leadership, replace a few hundred years with a few million years, bring back the Arc and decepticon ship, use the original g1 designs (and voices/personality) rename sam and michalia to spike and carlee and change NOTHING about the plot and you've essentially got the pilot episode to transformers. So why not just make the pilot episdoe of transformers?

This has gotten me pissed off again.... I'm going to leave now and kick random objects/people for a few hours to calm down.

I just wanted you all to know.

Well now you know and knowing is half the battle.
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