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Thanks for all the compliments so far everybody! It took a hell of a long time to put all the photos together, and then myself, Proto & Boogie had to put captions under 'em. Glad you guys are enjoying all the coverage though... all we want to do is give you the next best thing to attending the event, so hopefully it worked!

Originally Posted by stevetothepast View Post
well shit. That was damn good coverage of the comic con. Any chance the left over shirts will make their way onto the store page? On a side note, what kind of nes to usb did you guys use at the booth? I've been looking for one, but don't want it to feel cheap.
I used a genuine NES controller combined with a retro usb cable hook up for it. Then I just mapped it to the keys for the game and it worked like a charm. Kudos to BoM for getting the game to work in fullscreen mode so everybody could enjoy it on the flatscreen TV!

As for whether or not the shirts will make their way onto the store page, as I stated in the article itself, EVERYTHING we sold at Comic-Con will be available for purchase on the site at some point in the near future. I just need to revamp the store a bit and figure out the shipping costs for things. But yeah, it'll all be available for purchase on I-Mockery soon.

T-Shirts, Posters, Pickle Hats, Comics, Stickers... the works!

Originally Posted by Kat View Post
Holy CRAP. Someone actually went as "The White Violin" from Umbrella Academy on page 8! I was planning to do that for halloween. Since I play violin and I'm a comic writer, I could think of no better costume than an outcast violinist that uses her music to kill.

Tell me, though: Was she only holding the violin or did she actually play?
You'd have to ask Proto or Max or whoever took that photo. I would venture to guess that she could play it though.

Originally Posted by Sam View Post
Was that really Buckethead?
I'll say yes... but realistically speaking, anybody could but a KFC bucket on their head and call themselves Buckethead. Especially at Comic-Con.
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