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Well that and BoM doesn't do console programming.

araretwinkie, I do hope to eventually make some PC / Console games though... I've always wanted to. Would really just need to find a programmer capable of doing it. That and some extra money to invest into a dev kit for one o' the consoles. Those things ain't cheap ya know. If we were to do that though, I'd want to do a completely original game (like our Trick-Or-Treat Adventure Quest game) instead of a parody one like the Abobo one we're currently working on. Abobo will be EPIC though... and free for everybody to play.

Aimless, hehe yeah that kit is great. I always mean to buy it every time I see it at Comic-Con, but come Sunday I forget to pick it up from that booth. Guess I'll just have to eBay it.
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