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Originally Posted by Just Ami View Post
I'm still working on putting my Comic con photos together to post on facebook. :o And Ididn't even go on a week long seperate vacation! Whoever took all the photos did a great job! I had a lot of people walk in front of me whenever I had the camera out. D:
Heheh believe me, we still had plenty of blurry ones and ones where other people were in the way. But we took an absurd amount of photos at the convention, so we had plenty o' perfectly usable ones as well. Glad ya enjoyed it!

Originally Posted by Aimless View Post
I was checking online and found this very poor i-mock rip off but the ad is amazing.
Nah, that's no ripoff. A lot of sites cover weird pop culture artifacts... we just happen to do a whole bunch of other stuff too heheh. Just as The Leader said, they've been around only a few years less than us. I even helped them make some menus 'n stuff back in the day.

Originally Posted by neoboman View Post
Cool pics; I've never been to any -con in my life, but plan to at some point. Thanks for reminding me why.
Well this is definitely THE one to go to if you ask me. It pretty much has something for everyone. Movies, games, toys, comics, art, costumes, collectibles and a hell of a lot more. It's all there... and San Diego is a great city to hangout in for a convention. Really clean, right on the water and the weather is always great.
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