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Nearly all of the Misfits songs have been covered by Metallica, including Die Die Die My Darling. The Metallica versions are also vastly superior. I hate to knock the Misfits, because they are a very creative band, but let's face it, Danzig can't sing and the rest of the band can't play. The Metallica versions have crisp, intelligable lyrics and sharp, complex guitar work that make for a far more enjoyable listen. And for the record, except for that odd few months when they were going to a therapist (St. Anger) Metallica has NEVER and will NEVER suck.

I'm not a fan of this album at all. Sounds like most misfit albums, namely a drugged up alcoholic mumbling and screaming while the rest of the band seemly plays as irratic and badly as possible. And before you ask yes, I AM a fan of punk. The problem is it's more of a concert medium and doesn't translate well to an album.

I would recommend instead you buy Metallica's "Garage Days" album. It contains two of the songs listed as well as some motorhead and other covers.
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