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But if you consider the fickle fae of ancient folklore who would just as soon kill you or enslave you for life as look at you and have magical powers over reality that we can't even begin to understand, they take on more of a threatening demeanor.
Damn skippy. Fae can be downright frightening if you piss them off according to legend. According to "Legend," too, if you see the uncut version when Gump gets pissed at Jack, not to mention Meg Mucklebones.

Originally Posted by nirvana_infinity View Post
Someone made me watch Twilight once. Lucky for me, it was the Rifftracks version with the MST guys making fun of it the whole time. But sadly enough, I couldn't force myself to stay awake through the whole thing. What a bucket of boring.

Here's one for ya, going along with the Cyclops: Monsters of ancient Greek mythology. Minotaurs, multi-headed-snakes, the damn Kraken. Personally, I'm going as Medusa this Halloween.
Vampires don't sparkle, dammit. And on a side note, they *are* remaking "Clash of the Titans," so there's your mythological monsters right there. Good luck with the medusa getup, Nirvana.
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