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Zombie movies have are solidly placed in the parody section again, what with the upcoming zombieland release. Personally I like the more serious kind, but directors seldom get the fact that in a good zombie film, the enemy is the survivors, NOT the zombies.

Werewolf movies have always been a bit underground, due to the fact that they are really a poor man's vampire. Ginger snaps has a fairly hot/disturbing love scene in it.

Swamp creature movies will definatly make a resurgance. Swap Thing is getting a remake afterall.

Mummies have pretty much been killed by Brendon Frasier, they won't be back anytime soon. Part three was particularly pathetic, with the entire cast of the film constantly trying to convince you that China's First emperor was a mummie and his clay soldiers are mummies just so that the title of the film makes sense.

True Blood has definately brought back vampires, as rog pointed out. Unfortunatly the dawson's-creek style movies are the only one's we'll be seing in this genre though.

If I had any say, I'd like to see a good-old-fashioned "science gone amuck" film trend. One that does NOT involve giant animals or zombies though as those don't count. I'm talking Frankenstein's monster, mutants, ect. Also there was this really interesting aspect of return of the living dead iv that was never explored, namely cyborg zombies! I'd like to see a film similar to the plot of season 4 of buffy, where classic monsters are captured and given cybornetic implants so the goverment can contol them. Of course wackiness would ensue.
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