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Primortal, I'd agree with you there. I have the second DC Vs. Marvel issue, where the two universes Scarecrows are stalking either Lois Lane or Mary Jane (been so long since I've read the issue), right after Killer Croc and Wolverine bust out of the sewer, fighting eachother. As for Etrigan, I was going to mention earlier I have a comic where the Joker accidentally summoned him (he was trying for Lucifer, but called Etrigan instead by using rhyming verse). Joker eventually made a deal with the Demon (but since it was just part one of an arc, I don't know how it all turned out). He also had a pretty funny part in "I Can't Believe It's Not the Justice League" where Blue Beetle catches him not rhyming, and he just says, "So sue me."
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