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Hate to break it to you Relaxing Dragon, but quite frankly you are probably best served by avoiding pretty much anything Carpenter has done since the early 90s at the latest.

After somehow rocking the 80s and before with numerous amazing gems, he just seemed to sputter out IMO:-(

The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, this movie, the Halloween movies, The Fog, and Starman are really his "can't miss" gems. If you like a "so cheesy it's good movie" maybe tack on "They Live."

I haven't seen them in quite awhile, but I truly recall "Vampires" and "Ghosts of Mars" to be less than impressive for one reason or another and I really don't remember too many movies other than these. Maybe my memory serves me wrong on these movies though. I'd love to hear what others think...are there other gems I'm missing?
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