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Originally Posted by Dr. Boogie View Post
But that's just it: it's funny because it's stupid. The movie wasn't billed as a horror comedy; it just turned out that way because the stuff they wanted to be scary was just stupid. And it wasn't done in a way that makes you think it was meant to be that way, either.

But see, I don't know about that. I really honestly think it was supposed to be a horror comedy. Look at the poster art, the chainsaw is held as though its a tube of lipstick, and the quote for the poster says something about it having campy humor. And lists it as a horror comedy...

I just don't see how anyone could watch Leatherface in drag and not think that it wasn't done for laughs. You just don't put someone in ridiculous drag and expect it to be anything but funny. I stand by my original statement that this was entirely intentional. Sure its not well made or acted or directed or anything, so I can see how someone would think that it wasn't intentional humor, but the simple fact of the matter is that the script called for all these ridiculous things to happen! I highly doubt that the wardrobe person just made a mistake on Leatherface's costumes and gave him campy drag and the director just decided to go with it, that kind of thing was planned out well in advance and therefore points to an intentional comedy angle.

But eitherway, intentional or not, the fact remains that it is REALLY funny and if you're laughing at it or laughing with it, its still worth a watch.
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