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Originally Posted by The Head Ninja View Post
Thanks for the uh...thanks? Glad I could get you guys in! Also, thanks for the SHINY STICKERS!
Hehe absolutely man. Nice meeting you at the park and I'm glad I had some shiny stickers on hand to give ya!

Originally Posted by Doctor_Who View Post
Looks like a good time. I'm willing to bet that Doc Mock is a much bigger celebrity than Corey Feldman right now. He should have interviewed you!
If I'm lucky, maybe some day that will be true. I have to say though, Corey is a really good sport and doesn't take himself or his work too seriously. Anybody who'll joke around with me in response to questions about a movie like Blown Away is aok in my book.

Originally Posted by HowardC View Post
Yeah whoever thought of the chucky one should be immediately fired.
Nah, that place is always there year round. They just added Chucky into it to mix it up a bit. It wasn't a totally new maze like all the other ones were. If it was, then yeah, there'd be reason to complain, but since this is just their way of making a pre-existing maze more Halloweeny, it's fine.

Originally Posted by HowardC View Post
My bloody valentine seemed pretty lame as well.
You've gotta keep in mind that my photos are only a fraction of what you get to see in all of these mazes. The My Bloody Valentine one was actually very nicely put together and I definitely enjoyed it.

Originally Posted by HowardC View Post
Michael Myers looked fantastic though. I got a semi when I saw all the halloween III stuff in your pics. Also nice to see they completely ignored the rob zombie versions.
Yeah, there wasn't a SINGLE thing about the Rob Zombie movies in the maze, which made me extremely happy. And you just can't beat the Silver Shamrock room... that one had me absolutely amazed and truly made the night for me.

Originally Posted by goblyn View Post
A few years ago I got to go to Busch Gardens Tampa's Howl-o-scream and was blown away by how creative it all was. Even the least scary mazes were amazingly effective and while they didn't reduce people to tears there was plenty to talk about afterwards! Oh well.
I love Howl-O-Scream! I used to go there all the time back when I lived in Virginia. You can check out my photos from visiting there years ago here:
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