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Not really sure what they were thinking remaking this movie if they could have just shilled out the original, although I thought it was entertaining. My only guess is that they didnt think they could really market a foriegn horror movie. I mean, Let the Right one in, only got to where it is now based on word of mouth really.

And Howard,just because a movie doesnt have more then one location doesn't automatically mean it was a small budget film (even though in this case it does). Being confined to one place gives a sense of being trapped right along with the people in the movie. It builds suspense. Ramero did it with Night of the Living dead. Who ever made Phone Booth did it with Phone Booth. Hell they did it with 12 Angry Men Back in the day.

Hollywood may have "production values" but that doesn't stop it from ruining a movie. Call it director failure, call it bad acting, whatever.. It just happens. Just because its a standard zombie flick with a low budget doesn't mean it needed to come off bad. Take Paranormal Activity, it was made for $15,000 and was shot at the directors house. 1 location + low budget + good directing/acting= amazing movie in that case. Hollywood could learn a thing or two from that.
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