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Guys I'm aware that [Rec] came out in english dub, but that's even worse than subtitles because then it becomes a godzilla/jackie chan deal where you can never get into the story because it's funny where the characters voices don't sync with their lips. The only successful dubbing I've ever seen is in the rhealm of anime and it's far easier seeing as how the lip movements are simple. I'm in no way saying the american version is superior, I don't know how in the hell you guys got that from what I posted as I said it was just "ok" but it's the only watchable version for an american audience outside of the extreme hardcore fanatic that'll watch anything.

Starscream: Actually a singular location DOES mean that it's a low budget. Every single film you mentioned as your examples had low budgets. Romero is the best example. NOTLD was filmed in a farm house because he was an art student and didn't have any money. The first thing he did when he did have a budget is make his sequels which featured sprawling landscapes full for hundreds of zombies. Even if the bulk of the two films were in enclosed spaces, they were in enclosed spaces that were large and enpensive to shoot in. You would be hard pressed to find a small, single location film that wasn't filmed in that way due to budget concerns.

I'm not a moron sloth that fact that I don't go around insulting people for no real reason attests to that fact unlike yourself. There are more constructive ways to correct someone even though it should be apparent at this point that I WAS aware of the dub, it just isn't worth mentioning.

And sorry to misinform you but most of the world DOES speak english. It is the primary language of the planet due to the influce of both america and the old english empires. I never said it was the PRIMARY language of any given country, but it's almost always the second language. I find it rather ironic that the "Ranting Swede" is trying to convince us that foreigners don't speak english.

Quarantine isn't a remake btw, it's an "Americanization." This started with the grudge and has become very popular. I'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing, but we can't put them in the same category because in most cases they aren't trying to "improve" or "reimagine" the films, rather they simply try to adapt the story to something the english speaking world can better understand. This is a very old hollywood tradition that started with Dracula, which was almost simultaniously filmed in spanish as it as beign filmed in english. Even though the same set pieces and general storyline was used, the spanish version is considered by many fans to be the SUPERIOR version. Why? Well the us version shot of the day and the spanish version shot at night. The spanish team took advantage of this and looked at the english dailys and tried to improve on technical aspects of the film. The ending even turned out completely different. Still though the english version is best selling because, well more people speak english than spanish in the modernized world. So this example supports both my points in that a langauge reshoot can turn out to be superior and that english speaking films always sell better.

All this arguing is a moot point anyway as both versions of Quarantine suck. It's like arguing over which piece of shit smells the best.
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